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Gaden NgamChoe (Je Tsongkhapa) day

Event: Gaden NgamChoe (Je Tsongkhapa day): Tsog offering and 1000 lights offering.

Date: Sunday, December 2th 2018

Time: 6pm 

Location: Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery, Bloomington. IN

This day is to commemorates the parinirvana (passing away) of the incomparable great master Je…

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Ven. Geshe Kunchok visit December 2018

Ven. Geshe Kunchok very respected Buddhist teacher and scholar is visiting Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery and Gaden Samdrupling Monastery in December 2018

Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery schedule: Bloomington

Event: Je Tsongkhapa longlife initiation

Date: Sunday, December 2th

Time: 2.30pm

Location: Gaden KhachoeShing…

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Saka Dawa 2018: Cittamani Tara retreat

5/16/2018 - 5/29/2018

As year, we do retreat or practice during the Holy month of Saka Dawa. This year we are doing Cittamani Tara retreat.  Our Abbot Ven. Kuten lama will lead the retreat.  Saka Dawa is usally during the 4th lunar month from 1st to 15th full moon day.

Event Schedule: Wednesday, May 16th - Tuesday, May 29th 2018.

Tara is emanation of Buddha in female aspect and also refer as mother of all the Buddhas.  There is 21 different aspects or colors of Tara.  We are doing main Green Cittamani Tara retreat.  Tara helps all beings to achieve all mundance and supramundane wishes, dispel all osbticles, protect from all fears and liberate from all sufferings.  She is swift in granting boons.   

Retreat will incoperate doing daily Cittamani Tara practice, reciting mantra etc.  All merits accumulated during this Holy month will multiplies 100,000 times.  

If wishe to take part in retreat, please contact us for more information at: or 812-334-3456.  Thank you!

Cost: Free

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